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Business and Economy in Narsinghpur

It goes without saying that a society can’t sustain and progress flawlessly without its economic growth. That is why business and economy remains primary concerns for the fast growth of such societies and planners make plans accordingly. Although the economy of Narsinghpur is not so prosperous like the metropolitan cities of the state but it remains into limelight due to its fast growing agriculture based economy. This region has welcomed the start of several agro-based industries in the last couple of decades that speak of its slow but steady growth.

Business in Narsinghpur
Economy of Narsinghpur

History of Business in Narsinghpur

Like other parts of Madhya Pradesh state the case of Narsinghpur’s economy isn’t different. In fact this region had remained isolated for decades with sick economy until last couple of decades ago when the government took firm steps and made strategic plan for region’s development. It had consistent growth rate with agrarian economy which remains main source of income here. Very recently other sectors have grown. There can be seen drastic improvement in other sectors as well. Some of them include tourism and infrastructural growth for small scale agro-based industries which have brought new avenues in Narsinghpur region. The area is flourishing with such developmental initiatives with direct impact on its economy.

Forest Produce in Narsinghpur

Madhya Pradesh is known for its forests. Tendu leaves are used to prepare bidi rolls. Small scale industries in Narsinghpur to manufacture items prepared from teak, sal and lak etc., are famous here. These industries play crucial role to help the rural economy sustain in this region. Likewise, many herbal fruit products are produced in this area for preparing herbal medicines. This region has therefore welcomed the production of such items for which many processing units have been developed here. The main concentration though remains in the production of items based on the agro-economy.

Animal Husbandry in Narsinghpur

Narsinghpur has welcomed the establishment of various animal husbandries. Milk and milk-based items are produced in this region to supply to nearby areas. Planned poultry and cattle farms have been established in this area for overall progress and economic growth.

Minerals in Narsinghpur

Although not too many but a few minerals are produced in Narsinghpur district that boost the economy of this region. Minerals like soap stones, dolomite, fireclay and limestone are commonly found in this region. Ample varieties of building construction stones are abundantly found in the Gontitoriya region of Narsinghpur district. The afreas like Kanharpani, Bachai, Heengpani and Hiranpur hills have abundant fireclays. The hilly regions of this district have abundant murram, sands and crushed stones used for various types of construction related activities. The area is also rich with abundant limestone.

Important Industries in Narsinghpur

Economic Profile of NarsinghpurBeing an agrarian society Narsinghpur is mainly known for its agriculture based economy. The area has seen fast growth in many other economic developments due to the opening of various industries. These industries are not in large scale and are indeed small scale but they play crucial role to boost region’s economy. Some of the prominent industries that have brought revolution in the region are as mentioned below. Agro-industry based on the agriculture related products has helped to increase the macro-economic trends of most part of Madhya Pradesh including Narsinghpur. This region is famous for the production of soybeans; grams; oilseeds; pulses and various types of food grains. Their productions and supply in the nearby regions have offered good avenues for the opening of agro-based industries in this area. Such industries have flourished fast over the decades.

BLA Industries Pvt. Ltd.,
Address: Imalia (Patlon), Gadarwara, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +(91)-7792-255301, +(91)-9977701079

Shree Paras Industries
Address: Narsinghpur City
Madhya Pradesh
Phone Not Available

Ashish Scale Industries
Address: Opposite Paradkar Hospital, Kheri Naka, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 91-7792-235057; 09425816057

Mahakaushal Sugar & Power Industries Limited
At & Po - Bachai
Narsinghpur (Madhya Pradesh)
Phone: Not Available

Tourism Industry in Narsinghpur

Narsinghpurattracts different kind of tourists besides usual tourists for whom tourism sector has been developed. It maintains unique identity of being one of the famous holy places in the region due to the presence of 18th century Narsimha Mandir in the district. This famous temple had been built by Jat Sardars. The statue of Lord Narsimha that was considered Lord Vishnu’s human avatar with a lion's head remains major attraction. As the temple is located in the district headquarters itself visitors keep flocking everyday throughout the year. Other historic attractions in Narsinghpur that engage the tourists are Bramhan Ghat located at the Mani Sagar nearby Kareli and Lord Brahma's Yagya Shala, Rani Durgawati temple, Elephant Gate and Varahas Statue amongst others are worth visiting places.

The naturally rich golden raj-Rajeshwari Tripur Sundari Jhoteshwar Mandir is another notable attraction here. Also called Lodheshwar Temple and Hanuman Tekari is another attraction here. Other places of interest here are Damaru Ghati and Fort of Chauragharh amongst others that appeal every visitor.

Hotel Industry in Narsinghpur

As Narsinghpur is not a big city and it still has the identity of a local town in Madhya Pradesh, its hotel industry has not flourished like other areas in the state. The presence of several historic monuments and ancient temples though popularized it amongst the people. With increase in the number of visitors the district headquarters has therefore encouraged hotel industry to cater to the accommodation needs of visitors. Several affordable hotels are available in this city.

Hotel Amar Palace
Address: Krishna Ward, Station Ganj, Narsinghpur- 487001
Near Canara Bank
Contact No.: (7792) 236044
09425168644, 09302648331

Hotel Amar Jyoti
Address: Krishna Ward, Station Ganj, Narsinghpur- 487001
Near Narsinghpur Railway Station
Contact No.: (7792) 236133, (7792) 236333

Hotel Pratap Palace
Address: Shankaracharya Ward, Civil Lines, Narsinghpur- 487001
Near Lord Krishna Sweet Shop
Contact No.: (7792) 230068

Hotel Amar Residency
Address: Krishna Ward, Station Ganj, Narsinghpur- 487001
Near Rama Krishna Stationery
Contact No.: (07792) 237644, (07792) 237944

Other Notable Industries

Several small scale industries have opened in Narsinghpur area recently. As many ordnance factories operate in Madhya Pradesh state, some related industries have been opened in this area for assistance to bigger industries. Industries such as those of grey iron, wood industries and carpentry amongst others have flourished in this region in the last couple of decades. Places like Tendukheda and Dangidhana are famous for various types of industries in this district. Gur/sugar is prepared from sugarcane from the local industries. The famous Gur Mandi of Kareli in Narsinghpur is known in the region. Likewise, sugar mills are common in Narsinghpur as well as Gadarwara urban establishments. Beedi industry in the Narsinghpur, Gadarwara and Gotegaon areas; Daal Mills and Oil Mills in Narsinghpur and Gadarwara area are famous for extracting oils from soya bean, groundnut and tilli oil amongst others. Small scale industries of cement pipes, paper mills, plastic and rubber have also grown faster here. Other products include leather goods, earthen utensils and pots. The poultry farms are known for goat farming and fish farming in this region.

Vanshika Sugar & Power Industries Limited
Address: Rajmarg Deori Village, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: Not Available

Amrit Jal Industries
Address: Behind Amrit Kunj, Galla Mandi Road, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91-7792-236898,+91-7792-236398

Narmada Sewing Machine Industries
Address: Vaidh Babu Complex, Narsinghpur Main Road
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +(91)-7792-230721

Tuwar Daal Mills
Gadarwara, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: Not Available

Ms M P Glychem Industries Ltd
Pipariya Road Gadarwara, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: Not Available

Jain Industries Limited
Kandeli, Narsinghpur
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: Not Available

The business and economy of Narsinghpur may not have come into state or national limelight yet but its constant growth has brought into notice. Agro-based industries and other small scale industries play pivotal role to boost the economic condition of this region. Industries, agriculture and growing economy transforms this region drastically. The growth prospects have gone higher with constant developments occurring in this region.   

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