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Entertainment and Lifestyle in Narsinghpur

Too much work and no relaxation or rejuvenation ends into causing stress in life. Once there is imbalance in the lifestyle without proper coordination in work and professional life, one fails to manage things. That is why it is very much crucial to involve in entertainment options to keep one rejuvenated and also give ample time to the family. Big cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh have many entertainment avenues but cities like Narsinghpur have limited options for exploration and spending fun moments with family and friends. Even though options are limited this city still offers great chance to inhabitants and tourists alike to involve in various such activities that brings manifold happiness in their lives.

Entertainment in Narsinghpur

Several parks have been developed in and around Narsinghpur city to ensure that people can spend quality time there. Many shopping areas have also been renovated in the city area to provide them good option for shopping. People can also visit to the cinema halls to watch movies with the family and spend quality time there. There are many finest restaurants in this city where you can dine and enjoy good moments.

Nightlife in Narsinghpur

Even though Narsinghpur is a small city but being the headquarters of Narsinghpur district it has started leaving bigger impacts as an option for entertainment and other avenues. This is the primary reason that this city also has good options for nightlife and enjoyment of sorts. Selected restaurants in the city offer facility to drink wine as well and spend good time till late night. Take for example Amar Residency Restaurants & Bars nearby Station Road in Narsinghpur that offers wonderful opportunity to drink wine of many varieties. Several other bars have also opened but still the area has limited access to nightlife due to being a small city in the region. Hotel Rajbhog is another good choice for fine dining and to get wine. People prefer to visit such restaurants with family and friends to enjoy fun moments in their lives.

Cinema Halls in Narsinghpur

Watching cinema is one of the notable means of entertainment in small cities. It can be one of the exciting activities to de-stress self and spend quality time with the family members. People in the small cities usually take such opportunities to watch movies in the cinema halls instead of watching them on television sets at home. Such arrangements fulfill the dual purpose of helping people to enjoy good moments out of the daily tiring lives and also enjoy some movies and explore dining out during such occasions. The Harihar Chitramandir movie theater is the only one cinema hall here that provides ample opportunity for the cinemagoers to enjoy good time watching movies. Here is the movie hall detail.

Harihar Chitramandir
Address: Shubhash Park Chauraha, Civil Lines, Narsinghpur (MP) – 487001
Phone No: +(91)-7792-230740, +(91)-9425012740

Shopping Avenues in Narsinghpur

There are several markets in Narsinghpur that offer good avenue for the shoppers to explore this region and buy variety of stuffs. People can buy various stuffs including choicest local handcraft items and cloths amongst others. You have ample option for items to buy for lifetime memories. They are sold in affordable price ranges hence people make sure to buy the stuffs as and when tour here. Some of the famous markets in Narsinghpur where one can buy different stuffs are as follows.

Rajput Center
Address: Keshwanand Nagar, SAI Kheda, Banwari, Narsinghpur (MP) – 487661
Phone No: +(91)-9424719223

Choudhary Enterprises
Address: Main Road, Rajmarg Chouraha, Bhamni, Narsinghpur (MP – 487330
Phone No: +(91)-9424327994

Shri Ganesh Center
Address: Near Bus Stand Tendukheda, Dobi Road, Narsinghpur (MP) – 487337
Phone No: +(91)-9424303274

Besides these marketing areas many other shopping places are there in Narsinghpur that provide best choice to the shoppers to buy the stuffs they like. Being a small city, this place doesn’t own big shopping malls but there are definitely many places where one can buy the stuffs they like.

Parks and Gardens in Narsinghpur

There are several parks and gardens in Narsinghpur that are rushed by people every morning and evening. These parks are well maintained and always visited by people who walk and enjoy good time. Families and couple are commonly seen in these parks. People reach there for rejuvenation and spend time in calm atmosphere.

Lifestyle in Narsinghpur

Lifestyle in Narsinghpur

It is well said that one can judge a society by analyzing the traditions and lifestyles of its masses. The living standard and lifestyle of a particular region therefore determine the impact of society on the inhabitants. Being a semi-urban establishment in the middle part of country, Narsinghpur in Madhya Pradesh has its distinct local traditions and lifestyle which depict from the foods, cloths, language and last but not the least social traditions. An important element in the lifestyles of people is that they are highly religious and devoted individuals who stay under the unity in diversity concept.

Traditional Lifestyle in Narsinghpur

Narsinghpur hasn’t been spoiled by the lax morale caused through spoiled modernity yet. This region still maintains the influence of its age-old ancient traditions that prevail since centuries. It is worth noticing that the traditional lifestyle of this region depict people’s sincerity, humane approach, love & affection, friendliness and religious harmony amongst the masses. That is why people enjoy peaceful life while they maintain their tradition of celebrating festivals of every religion with ample joy and participatory attitude, sharing gifts with each other, mingling with people to revolve issues and to share happiness and pleasantries. As the city and even rural areas in the district haven’t been spoiled by modern perils people of this region co-exist in peace. Their dressing sense of males wearing simple pants, shirts or regional dresses and females preferring traditional sarees or salwar kurtas showcase their simplicity. Large chunk of people in the region prefer vegetarian food but there are ample non-vegetarian food lovers as well. People enjoy locally made sweets and so do they join each other on many occasions for social gatherings.

Influence of Western Lifestyle in Narsinghpur

Western dressing influence is now seen in NarsinghpurD. ressing senses have changed with leanings towards Western modern dresses. Young girls and boys in the city areas especially in district headquarters and second largest city of the district prefer jeans and pants. Number of such people is still limited hence one can’t claim that Western influence has fully overpowered Narsinghpur lifestyle. Of equally important are the changing trends in food habits in the inhabitants of Narsinghpur district headquarters.

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