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Festivals in Narsinghpur

Like other peers in the region, the inhabitants of Narsinghpur District are culturally enriched and religiously devoted masses. No matter what religious faith they follow, they are highly devoted individuals. Such devotion can be best seen through their enthusiasm during the festival time. It can be seen on the occasion of various religious festivals. Such festivals also indicate the rich cultural diversity of this region by projecting different types of celebrations on many occasions. Most such festivals project the typical cultural identity of Madhya Pradesh state but good number of religious festivals is indeed common in all parts of the country.

Most festivals in and around Narsinghpur in the Madhya Pradesh state therefore widely popular in the nearby states as well due to their projection of numerous cultural values of the region that is thoroughly analyzed in both rural and urban areas. Such festivals are not restricted to any of the particular communities only as most of them celebrate together. As the district is also inhabited by many tribes a few tribal fairs and festivals are also common here. The tribal rituals and traditions of this region therefore appeal many people.

Diwali festival is celebrated with ample fun and frolics in Narsinghpur

Such festivals look unique occasions once people wear traditional costumes and then involve in various types of dance and music activities. Most of the tribal festivals showcase unique culture of the region and so do food habits are projected on such occasions. They are other forms of projecting local arts and crafts as well. Holi, Diwali, Eid and many such national festivals are common in this area as much as they remain popular in other regions of the country. Bhagoria Haat; Khajuraho festival; Tansen music festival; Madai festival, Dussehra, Karma and Nagaji are some of the regional festivals here. Below is mentioned the exclusive festivals in this region.

Khajuraho Festival

The festival of Khajuraho is often done in this area

Dance forms popular as Khajuraho Festival dances are worth viewing in Madhya Pradesh. Many dance and music forms as part of this festival have been gaining popularity in other parts of the state. It can be best seen on special occasions in Narsinghpur as well. People dance and involve in musical performances on special occasions to enact Khajuraho’s cultural richness. Enactment of such festivals portrays complete culture of festive dance with the backgrounds showcasing its uniquely decorated temples to develop the original feel. Various types of dances are performed on this occasion.

Bhagoria Haat Festival

Festival of marriage proposal to settle down with family
Tribal people of Narsinghpur involve in the Bhagoria Haat festival. It is a typical culture in the region when adolescent boys and girls get permission from parents to elope once they choose their partners so that they can be married off thereafter. The Bhils and Bhilalas tribes of this area including other areas of the state involve in such festivals to celebrate the reunion of two souls. This festival also has its agricultural significance as it is arranged once the harvesting session ends hence it is also famous for an occasion to celebrate the occasion when harvesting ends.

Madai Festival

Considered one of the most colorful festivals in the state of Madhya Pradesh the famous Madai festival is another typical tribal festival common in the Narsinghpur area as well. Organized in the villages this annual festival is an attraction of sorts while February month concludes. Gond tribes celebrate this festival in which people interact with family and friends and buy lots of stuffs that can be used throughout the year. Key attractions of this festival include loud chanting of hymns and religious rhymes besides drum beating and bell ringing. It projects tribal lifestyle, culture and customs of this region and so do people witness uniquely designed traditional clothes, music, dance and arts of this region.

Besides above mentioned festivals Narsinghpur is also not left out of other festive occasions. One of the famous festivals in Madhya Pradesh namely Tansen Music festival is organized in the renowned city Gwalior. Its impact can be seen in the smaller districts as well. People from far off Narsinghpur district participate in those celebrations.

Other festivals which project the religious and social system of this region are Chaitra Fair; Christmas; Diwali; Dussehra; Karam or Karma; Ramnavami; Holi; Eid and Navratri amongst others whose celebration involves people of all faiths. People join hands to celebrate such religious festivals and showcase their religious harmony.   

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